"I really enjoy dancing with everyone in the circle. There's lots of room for individuality and spontaneous styling within the called moves." -- Juan

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"Life's short --
   Dance with Everybody!"

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Kimiko Simpson, Director

About Rueda Madness Dance Company

RM Director and Co-Director

Based in Orange County and founded in 2001, Rueda Madness has performed all over OC and was the only rueda team to perform at the 2005 LA Salsa Congress.

Director, Kimiko Simpson - formerly of Salsoneros, Afeenix Dance Co. and now Rueda Madness - has performed twice at the LA Salsa Congress, San Francisco and Chicago Salsa Congresses, won 2nd place in local competitions, has been dancing for 7 years. Five other original members continue to teach and promote the love of Casino Rueda everywhere we go.

RM Team

Kimiko Simpson - Director
Roland David Juarez - Assistant Director
Meredith Kirby - Costume Director
John Rodriguez
Robert Castenada
Robert Soto
Jasmine Delgado
Vanessa Ferreira
Damian Perry
Courtney Skipper
RM amateur team
Brenda Palacios
Rueda class at SalsaMambo Aug 2011

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